Capture ID Version 2

API documentation for Android and iOS Library

New in version 2:

  • Support for different models of mobile barcode readers*.
  • Support for mobile RFID readers*.
  • Introduction of data, augmented reality and control layers.
  • printing directly to mobile Bluetooth printers**.
  • NFC support.

* List of supported barcode and RFID readers.
** List of supported printers.

Working with Capture|ID

with CaptureID you can quickly and easily create professional app’s for the processes in production, retail, logistics and other industries. At the same time, CaptureID allows you to create outstanding customer apps, e.g. for mobile shopping.

CaptureID supports you in app development with sophisticated methods for capturing products, be it with traditional barcode scanners for fast and precise detection of barcode markings as well as by capturing them using built-in cameras in robust mobile devices or even with the smartphone camera.
In addition, the possibility of product identification via RFID readers is included.

The storage of job and/or collected data can take place in the cloud (private or public) or on the local network.

Easily print labels or receipts on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printers.

Use NFC for data transfer, e.g. to credit card terminals.

Pass these tasks to the CaptureID Library to get to your mobile app quickly and securely.

You can create apps with the native libraries in Android Studio or XCode or use one of our plugins.

We have created a complete sample project with Ionic using our CaptureID Cordova plugin for you.
See here, explained in detail and accompanied by pictures and videos the creation of this app from the installation of the project to the finished version.